Author: Merv Feick


    I have just lowered the price on 3 genuine T-Rex teeth on our site! Rarely do you see T-Rex fossils for sale, so have a look and get them before they are gone!

  • Changes are Coming!

    We are in the process of STREAMLINING our site to make it easier to navigate both on your PC and your PHONE. We have begun posting NEW Fossils, Minerals, etc.. for sale daily so keep a close eye on the site. Lastly, in the near future we are going to have a facelift and will…

  • Metaphysical….

    We will be adding a NEW Section for Metaphysical Stones, Charging Bowls and Plates, Sage Bundles, Books, etc.. so STAY TUNED!!!

  • Fossils are HOT!!

    We have had our store in Branson open since July 1st.. and fossils are hot!! I am working hard to post NEW FOSSILS on this website.. and sales are hopping here too! Keep an eye out as I continue adding NEW fossils, artifacts, meteorites, etc.. Be sure to check out our NEW KIDS CORNER to…

  • It’s Happening!

    Well.. as you may have noticed, I am finally merging our 2 websites into one “Super Site”. I am presently working on adding as many of our products that we sell in our Natural History Store in Branson Missouri. These items are all great for kids of ALL ages! We are still CLOSED due to…

  • Souvenir Dinosaur Penny Press!

    FINALLY!! We just got our Pressed Penny Machine in! There are 3 different designs to choose from.. AND.. it only costs .51 cents per design! (Most other places charge $1.01 per design) Come on in and collect all 3 designs!!  Visit our store in Historic Downtown Branson, Missouri!


    Okay.. we took the plunge and switched hosting companies and a new Server.. our site is ALL SECURE now and MUCH, MUCH FASTER!! Yippee!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the faster browsing.. if you have any issues please let me know! Merv