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  • The term ammonite refers to an extinct group of mollusks. Ammonites died out at the end of the Cretaceous Period, about 65 million years ago, along with dinosaurs. Ammonites are collected and prized for their
    beauty, but also important to the studies of geology and evolution. These Ammonites have a beautifully polished finish that displays suture line patterns reminiscent of fern leaves, formed by the shell’s growth structure.
  • Specimen: Cleoniceras sp., Beudanticeras sp., Desmoceras sp., Douvilleiceras sp.,
    Phylloceras sp., Puzosia sp., Cymatoceras sp.
  • Geological period: Cretaceous Age: 110 Million years
  • Origin: Mahajanga – Madagascar
  • Size: Cluster L 51.25 x D 23.75 x H 88 in (L 130 x D 60 x H 224 cm)