Archeria Amphibian Tooth #12


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  • Archeria
  • Reptile like Amphibian
  • Lower Permian Age
  • Wellington Garbar Complex
  • Waurika Oklahoma
  • This tooth measures approx. 3/16″ long and will come in a 1.25″ Gem Jar as Shown

Archeria is an eel-like anthracosaur which lived in the Early Permian. It was medium-sized aquatic predator with a length of 2 m (7 ft).

Anthracosauria is an order of extinct reptile-like amphibians (in the broad sense) that flourished during the Carboniferous and early Permian periods, although precisely which species are included depends on one’s definition of the taxon. “Anthracosauria” is sometimes used to refer to all tetrapods more closely related to amniotes such as reptiles, mammals, and birds, rather than lissamphibians such as frogs and salamanders. An equivalent term to this definition would be Reptiliomorpha. Anthracosauria has also been used to refer to a smaller group of large, crocodilian-like aquatic tetrapods also known as embolomeres.