Barasaurus Permian Parareptile #1

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  • Barasaurus besairiei
  • Upper Permian
  • Ranohira
  • Southern Madagascar
  • Specimen measures approx. 14″ long in a straight measurement, and the matrix measures approx.  16.5″ long.  The bones on this specimen and a lot of specimens I have seen, have “rotted” away, leaving the impression of the bones in the rock.  The skull on this one is actually relatively intact though..  RARE Specimen!!

Barasaurus is an extinct genus of owenettid procolophonoid parareptile known from the late Late Permian and early Early Triassic of Madagascar. It contains a single species, Barasaurus besairiei.

Several traits suggest that the lower Triassic and upper Permian specimens are referable to Barasaurus. The presence of a fused astragalocalcaneum indicate that they belong to the Procolophonia. Among parareptiles, only specimens of Barasaurus and the millerettid Broomia possess a fifth distal tarsal, a reversal to the primitive amniote condition. This trait is considered an autapomorphy of both genera separately, as Broomia is easily distinguished from Barasaurus on the basis of several other characters and its phylogenetic position within Parareptilia. All specimens of Barasaurus as well as Procolophon share the presence of the medial flange on the proximal end of the first metatarsal, a possible synapomorphy for Procolophonoidea. All specimens of Barasaurus are distinguished from all other procolophonians by the presence of a pedal centrale and relatively short pedal unguals, and therefore these represent two additional autapomorphic reversals of Barasaurus