Cenozoic Fossils 1: Paleogene


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  • By Bruce L. Stinchcomb
  • About the Author:  Bruce L. Stinchcomb is a retired professor of geology who has been an active paleontological collector, particularly seeking out some of the earliest evidence of life. He has written many technical articles and books on the fossil record.
  • Paperback: 160 pages

Over 370 color photos detail the fossil record of the early Cenozoic Era–the Age of Mammals–from small sea creatures to the lumbering rhinoceros and rare fossilized bats. Included are fossils from famous sites including Florissant, Colorado; Grube Messel, Germany; the Green River Formation; and the Oligocene White River Group.  Open this book and take an excursion through the fossil world of the first half of the Cenozoic Era–the Age of Mammals. Over 370 color photos detail the fossil record of this bygone age from small sea creatures to the lumbering rhinoceros, Subhyracodon occidentalis, and rare fossilized bats. The engaging text outlines this fascinating period of geologic time and famous sites including Florissant, Colorado, and Grube Messel, Germany. Collectors will recognize specimens from the Green River Formation and the Oligocene White River Group, and intriguing fossils from lesser-known Early Cenozoic localities around the globe are also shown. Enthusiasts will enjoy the wide range of fossils on display, both accessible fossils any collector might hope to acquire and elusive “trophy” specimens from this era of Earth’s history.