Dig A Dino Velociraptor


Excavation Kit Collection

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Be a paleontologist, dig and excavate the skeletons of the gigantic animals which ruled the Earth in prehistoric times. Assemble the skeleton, pose and display. It’s so cool. Each Dig-a-Dino kit contains a plaster block with embedded skeleton, a special digging tool, brush, detailed instructions, fun facts related to your dinosaur, and a Kidz Quiz (10 questions and answers about dinosaurs).

  • Kit includes:
    • Plaster block with embedded dinosaur skeleton
    • Excavation digging tool and brush
    • Soft wax for positioning the joints
    • Quick facts and instructions
    • Kidz Quiz (10 questions and answers about dinosaurs)
  • Pose and display the excavated skeleton.
  • Each skeleton measures 8 to 9 inches.