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  • Crinoid Calyx (Eucalyptocrinus)
  • Silurian Age
  • Waldron Shale
  • Waldron, Indiana

The name Waldron Shale was used by N. M. Elrod (1883, p. 111) to replace the earlier designations Waldron beds and Waldron fossil bed that were used for the thinly interbedded clay, shale, and limestone overlying the quarry stone (presently known as the Laurel Member of the Salamonie Dolomite) near Waldron, Shelby County, Ind. The term Waldron there referred to the exposure on Conns Creek in the NE¼ sec. 6, T. 11 N., R. 8 E., which was one of the locations yielding the renowned fauna of more than 200 species described by James Hall of New York State and others. (See Cumings, 1922, p. 453-454.) Type Waldron exposures remain at this locality in the abandoned Standard Materials Corp. quarry.