Iron Kettle w/Goose Neck and Tilter



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  • 1750 to 1780
  • This is an exceptional 10″ diameter, 9″ tall 100% original iron kettle with tilter,
    original cover and its three original unworn feet or legs.
  • Cast iron kettles like this one were used primarily to boil water for tea and other household purposes; in other words, food was not actually cooked in them.
  • Kettles hung in large kitchen fireplaces from trammels (which were chains or worked metal with built-in height
  • The three-legged squat profile with the goose neck spout, as with this one, indicates it is from the earlier part of the indicated time period, i.e., 1750
  • Note the very handy Tilter for pouring & one of three Feet shown at the bottom