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  • “Bird Point” Arrowhead
  • 800 – 1600 Years Old
  • This genuine specimen is from a group that was purchased from a collector who found them all in  Northern Arkansas & Southern Missouri.  These smaller sized points are the size that would have actually been used on an arrow shaft.. TRUE Arrowheads!!   The larger points would have been used as tips to spears which would have been thrusted or thrown with an Atlati spear thrower.  They would NOT have been used as an “Arrowhead” since the size and weight would have been to large and heavy for a bow and arrow to accurately launch it.
  • The specimen will come in the 3.25″ x 4.25″ Riker Mount with Label as Shown

Native American Arrowheads are projectile points with sharpened tips to make it deadly when they hit the targeted victims. They are securely attached to the shafts which could either be fired from a bow or thrown by using a spear thrower (Atlati).

Native American arrowheads were introduced by the Native Indians during the ancient times, specifically in the Stone Age. They were crafted to form sharpened V-shaped points with the utilization of flint stones to serve as their tool in hunting for food and their weapon during warfare. Indians used these points to kill animals as large as the mammoths or bison and as small as the fishes.

Native American arrowheads remained to be consistently used throughout the entire human civilization with its design and materials being enhanced. From its plain V form, the designs become varied; there were some found Native American arrowheads that are fluted while others were notched. The Native Indians become selectively practical in choosing stones to use in creating arrowheads; they opted for stones that can be easily flaked and successfully sharpened. Most of the archeologists found Indian arrowheads made from various stones such as flints, obsidian, and chert; however, there were instances that they have found wooden and metallic ones.

Native American arrowheads can be found in many locations of the entire USA because they were nomadic people; they move from one camp to another. Also, Indians already exercised trading in the periods that they existed on earth. Even so, a large number of the remnants have been found on the Northern part of USA.

Nowadays, Native American arrowheads are significantly gathered by a couple of collectors and archeologists. Archeologists consider these items very important because with these, they are able to learn more about the Native Indians. They are able to distinguish what particular Indian tribe created the American arrowheads as characterized by the distinct points they present. Moreover, they are able to point out that different tribes settled in a specific area as time passed by due to evidences of several types of arrowheads found in a certain area. Furthermore, they are able to ascertain how intellectual, creative, and, resourceful the indigenous tribes were during their times.