New York Phyllocarid #1

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  • Ceratiocaris sp.
  • Silurian Age
  • Williamsville Formation
  • Near Buffalo, New York
  • Overall size of the plate measures approx.  5″ x 6″ and the carapace measures approx. 2.5″ long.  There is a very small section by the telson that cracked when the plate was split.. it has been repaired
  • This specimen is one half of a part and counter-part found.  (This is the NEGATIVE half)  The other POSITIVE side is also for sale on my site.

Ceratiocaris is a genus of paleozoic phyllocarid crustaceans. They are typified by eight short thoracic segments, seven longer abdominal somites and an elongated pretelson somite. Their carapace is slightly oval shaped; they have many ridges parallel to the ventral margin and possess a horn at the anterior end. They are well known from the Silurian Eramosa formation of Ontario, Canada.   Phyllocarids are one of the lesser known branchiopod crustaceans  with a hard Phyllocarid arthropodshell. They have a fairly large carapace, which protects the anterior part of the body. This structure hinged along the dorsal edge like a bivalve. Usually only the carapace is found. Rarely are the soft parts preserved.