Oligocene Leptomeryx Deer Jaw #8


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  • Leptomeryx (Ancient Deer)
  • Oligocene Age
  • Brule Formation
  • Pennington County, South Dakota
  • Specimen measures approx. 11/16″ long and will come in the 1.5″ Gem Jar with Side Label as Shown

Leptomeryx is an extinct genus of ruminant of the family Leptomerycidae, endemic to North America during the Eocene through Oligocene 38—24.8 Mya, existing for approximately 13.2 million years.  Their upper molars typically had two pairs of crescents, the concave faces labially directed. When interlocked with matching crescents on the molars of the lower mandible, this dentition was extremely effective at cutting and shredding leafy vegetation. One of the most distinguishing factors of this group is the presence of two toes on the rear feet and four toes on the forefeet.