Otarion Trilobite #1


North African Trilobite Collection

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  • Otarion
  • Devonian Age
  • Atlas Mountain Region
  • Zuid, Morocco
  • North Africa
  • Specimen measures approx.  1 11/16″ long

For years the Trilobites from Morocco have received a “bad rap” due to very poor preparation techniques and an overabundance of  altered and completely fabricated specimens.   This is not the case at indiana9.  ALL OF THE MOROCCO TRILOBITES OFFERED AT indiana9 ARE GUARANTEED GENUTO BE GENUINE…. FOREVER!  All of these offered have been 100% LAB PREPPED USING STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT.   Bear in mind that trilobites that have spines and stalks on them have most likely had some of them reattached during the preparation process, as it is virtually impossible to prep them out completely without damaging them.  Reattachment is NOT the same as reconstruction or fabrication!!  Repairs & restoration are minimal on these specimens…