Othnielosaurus Dinosaur Claw #1

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  • Othnielosaurus consors
  • Jurassic Age
  • Morrison Formation
  • Albany County, Wyoming
  • This BEAUTIFUL specimen measures approx.  1 3/4″ long

Othnielosaurus is a genus of ornithischian dinosaur that lived about 155 to 148 million years ago, during the Late Jurassic-age Morrison Formation of the western United States. It is named in honor of famed paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh, and was formerly assigned to the genus Laosaurus. 

Othnielosaurus is known from material from all parts of the body, including two good skeletons, although the skull is still poorly known.  It was a bipedal dinosaur with short forelimbs and long hindlimbs with large processes for muscle attachments. The hands were short and broad with short fingers. From the partial type skull and the skull on the possible specimen “Barbara”, the head was small. It had small leaf-shaped cheek teeth.