Parkosaurus Dinosaur Tooth #6


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  • Parkosaurus
  • Cretaceous Age
  • Hell Creek Formation
  • South Dakota
  • Specimen measures approx. 3/16″ long and will come in the 3.25″ x 4.25″ Riker Mount with Label as Shown

Parksosaurus (meaning “William Parks’s lizard”) is a genus of hypsilophodont ornithopod dinosaur from the early Maastrichtian-age Upper Cretaceous. It was originally found in the Horseshoe Canyon Formation of Alberta, Canada. It is based on most of a partially articulated skeleton and partial skull, showing it to have been a small, bipedal, herbivorous dinosaur. It is one of the few described non-hadrosaurid ornithopods from the end of the Cretaceous in North America, existing around 70 million years ago.