Reptile Skin Impression #20


Reptile Fossils

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  • Reptile Skin Impression
  • Eocene Age
  • Green River Formation
  • Ouray, Utah
  • This block of matrix measures approx.  1 1/2″ x 2 1/4″  and contains the skin impressions from an Eocene Age Reptile/Lizard!!

This is a RARE fossil from the Green River Formation of Wyoming. It consists of body skin impressions of unidentified reptile/lizard. The details are very well preserved and some of them even show the folds of skin on the body and legs. These reptile skin impressions have an interesting story. They were found by a Paleontologist in the paving stones of a new patio he installed.  He laid the paving stones in sand and eventually he saw that there were impressions present in some of the stones.  He pulled them out and realized that they were reptile/lizard body and skin impressions!!   He eventually tracked the source of the paving stones back to a quarry near Ouray, Utah.  The stones are from the Green River Formation within the quarry and were legally collected and purchased.  Unfortunately, very little of the layers containing the reptile skin impressions was left in the quarry.  Fortunately all of the best specimens collected were cut from the paving stone in his backyard.   The specimens being sold here are all from that cutting…  The very best specimens were kept by the Paleontologist and a scientific paper is currently in the works that will be published next year sometime.