Sauronitholestes Dinosaur Tooth #4


Dinosaur Tooth Collection

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  • Sauronitholestes
  • Cretaceous Age
  • Hell Creek Formation
  • Powder County, Montana
  • The tooth measures approx. 3/8″ long and will come in the 3.25″ x 4.25″ Riker Mount with Label as Shown

Saurornitholestes (“lizard-bird thief”) is a genus of carnivorous dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur from the late Cretaceous of Alberta, Montana and New Mexico.

Saurornitholestes lived in North America around 75 million years ago. Saurornitholestes competed with much larger dinosaurs, such as the famous T-Rex, for food. Being hundreds of times smaller than a T-Rex, Saurornitholestes’ prey were probably small animals like lizards, frogs, early birds, and early mammals. Some believe that Saurornitholestes may have been covered in feathers.

Two species have been named: Saurornitholestes langstoni in 1978 and Saurornitholestes sullivani in 2015. Saurornitholestes was a small bipedal meat-eating dinosaur, equipped with a sickle-claw on the foot.