Tremarctos Short Faced Bear #2


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  • Tremarctos floridanus
  • Short Faced Bear
  • Pleistocene Age
  • Marion County, Florida
  • This RARE specimen measures approx. 6 1/2″ long.  This is a toe/digit from this RARE bear!!  It will come in the 6.25″ X 8.25″ Riker Mount with Label as Shown.

Tremarctos floridanus, occasionally called the Florida spectacled bear, Florida cave bear, or rarely Florida short-faced bear, is an extinct species of bear in the family Ursidae, subfamily Tremarctinae. T. floridanus was endemic to North America from the Pliocene to Holocene epoch (4.9 million — 11,000 years ago), existing for approximately 4.9 million years. T. floridanus was widely distributed south of the continental ice sheet, along the Gulf Coast across through Florida and north to Tennessee, and across the southern United States to California.