Woolly Mammoth Tusk #3



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  • Woolly Mammoth Tusk
  • Found in Alaska
  • Pleistocene Age
  • This specimen comes on the custom-made wood and steel stand as shown in the photos.  This is a gorgeous, very smooth and very colorful complete tusk that exhibits light tans to darker browns with a little blue and black.. did I mention this is GORGEOUS in person?  (The WHITE streaks are reflections from the lighting here in the store) The tusk is from a younger mammoth measuring in at approx. 52″ long, making this a very manageable display piece that will fit just about anywhere!


At the present time it is ILLEGAL to sell and ship ANY Mammoth Ivory in ANY form to New Jersey & New York.   Both states ban the sale, trade, barter and purchase of all ivory, including fossil ivory. The legislation also bans the sale of Rhino Horns.  Effective July 1st, 2016 it will be illegal to sell and ship ANY Mammoth Ivory in ANY form to California.   While Prehistoric Fossils fully understands and supports the attempts to protect MODERN elephants by enacting these laws, it is preposterous that they have banned the sale of Mammoth Ivory!  There are rock solid ways to determine modern ivory versus fossil ivory which would allow law enforcement to differentiate between the 2, but it is presumed that they opted to throw the baby out with the bath water to save themselves the trouble of having to look at the ivory to make that determination.  If you do not agree with the bans please contact your local politicians and let your voice be heard.  We will update this information with changes to the present laws or if additional states enact similar laws.